What to Bring

Nothing spoils the excitement and anticipation of a good trip more than reaching your destination and realizing you left something important behind.  This page should serve as a guide to help ensure that you have what you need to make the most of your adventure with Tandem Fly Outfitters.

Regardless of the type of fishing or species being pursued, Tandem Fly Outfitters can provide quality gear and equipment suitable and specific to the task at hand.  While all required tackle can be provided by Tandem Fly Outfitters, the advanced,  experienced angler is encouraged to bring their own rods, reels & equipment as personal preference dictates.

Things to bring and to remember to ensure you are comfortable on the water:

  • Dress for the season and weather.  Nothing brings your enjoyment of the outdoors to a screeching halt quite like being too cold.  Check the weather forecast, consult with Capt. Kris Nelson, and be as prepared as you can for extreme heat or cold.  For example; hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, breathable clothing are must haves during teh hot summer months, while layering up with fleece, jacket, appropriate head gear and gloves can make the colder days very comfortable and fishable.
  •  Bring proper hydration.  The Tandem Fly Outfitter guide boat is always stocked with plenty of bottled  H2O.  Soft drinks, sports drinks, coffee, and any additional beverages may be brought along, but are your responsibility.
  •  Lunch &/or snacks.  Our full day trips can include lunch at an additional charge.  However, you are welcome to bring along sandwiches, snacks, etc.  If you would like lunch on the water, please make arrangements at the time you book your adventure.
  • License & Trout Permit.  To speed things up on the day of your trip, these can be procured online, in advance, at MDC Online.  These can also be picked up locally as well, if necessary, but having this in order prior to arriving is preferred.

For any additional questions or concerns on what may or may not be required to  maximize your time afloat with Tandem Fly Outfitters, don’t hesitate to call, email through our contact form, or hop on our Facebook page and drop us a post there.